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AROMATEK is a permanent solution to in-vehicle odours. The system uses dry vapour produced from natural essential oils to:
• Neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food.
• Re-odourise and refresh "stale" interiors. Unlike conventional air-fresheners the dry vapour produced by the Aromatek system penetrates deep into the porous surfaces inside the vehicle.

Neutrox Cartridge - Neutrox is a blend of over 32 natural essential oils, designed to chemically neutralise and permanently eliminate odours.

Fragrance Cartridges
- Fragrance cartridges are available in Lemon, Orchard (fruity), Invigorating and Leather. These fragrances have been designed to mask malodours and refresh the vehicle interior.

Air Flow Unit - This is used in conjunction with the cartridges to create the dry vapour.

Aromadisk Air Fresheners - These are available in Lemon, Orchard, Vanilla and Leather and are designed to complement the Fragrance cartridges.

Bio-Brisk Cleaner - Unless the source of the odour has been removed the smell can come back. Bio-Brisk has a unique biological component that breaks down odour producing soils deep within porous surfaces, such as seat foam or fabrics.


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