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Water and weather resistant tyre paint for external black rubber and plastic trims. Gives excellent coverage & natural silk finish. Ideal for marked or scuffed rubber.

Dash Dandy
An aerosol spray, which leaves a dry finish for that original showroom look. Contains plasticiser to maintain the suppleness of vinyl dashboards and trim.

A water-based tyre and trim dressing with silicone for both protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, rubber and plastic. High sheen but can be diluted for interior use if a softer sheen is required. Finish is solvent-free and non-flammable.

Our most versatile dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyres, vinyl and plastics, inside and out. Unbeatable gloss and lustre.

Interior Dressing is a water-based silicone dressing designed to give maximum performance and finish on modern vehicle interiors and engine bays. It can be used to dress any hard surface, including plastic, rubber, metal, leather and wood, where weather resistance is not required.

Kril II
A long life engine lacquer. Designed for under bonnet use, it is non-yellowing and is both oil and heat resistant. Also suitable as lacquer dressing for bumpers.

A spirit based grey/black dye to restore the ‘as new’ appearance to carpets, mats and tyres.

Non Silicone Highstyle
Our most versatile non-silicone dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish on tyres, vinyl and plastics.

An interior dressing for vinyl, plastics and rubber trim. Leaves a natural finish.

Rubber & PLASTIC Dressing
Extra  concentrated. High gloss finish. Does not foam when sprayed onto tyres. Non splatter - perfect for damp tyres
Very versatile –brush or spray onto exterior or interior trim.

Silicone Spray
A medium to high gloss silicone spray aerosol dressing with a choice of pleasant fragrances. Ideal for all interior vinyl and plastic trim.

Smart Dash
Aerosol dressing that instantly restores the appearance of interior trim. Use on wood, vinyl, chrome, bumpers, etc.

This exterior trim dressing in an aerosol is specifically designed with the ‘detailer’ in mind due to its controlled spray pattern.   It protects, enhances and restores to an "as new" appearance on plastic bumpers, grilles and trims.

A versatile spray cleaner and dressing, Tango polishes out soiling on door shuts, under bonnet and boot areas etc.

The ultimate long lasting exterior dressing.  This easy to apply liquid dressing, restores colour, has a high gloss finish, is extremely weather resistant and lasts for many weeks, making it a must for anyone in vehicle sales.

Trim Wizard
A super, weather resistant, rejuvenating dressing for exterior trim & tyres. Highly concentrated for economical use. Apply sparingly using a sponge for an as new finish.

Tyre Dandy
A tyre foam which is the fastest way to clean and restore colour to tyres. Leaves a durable, waterproof high sheen finish. 20-30 tyres from one aerosol.

Vinyl Shield
Instantly rejuvenates exterior rubber and vinyl whilst leaving a weatherproof, long lasting finish. Economical in use, solvent free.



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